Business Administration courses offered by Faculty of Business Administration

The business faculty now has 5 departments - Airline Business, Tourism & Hotel, International Business, Logistics and Air Traffic Control.

121 201(B.E.) Business Research

ID=244 207 การสอบบัญชี (Auditing)

This course is for B.Ed. students in year 4 (ID prefix = 15 or less to enroll in academic year 2018-19).

It is offered in term 1/2018 and taught or advised by Ajarn Dario A. Mando.

Course description

Integrate all pedagogical knowledge and skills into school teaching. Student-teacher responsibilities will include conduct of student-center lesson, produce and choose instructional media, apply different techniques and strategy of teaching, evaluate learning outcomes, apply evaluation results to develop teaching and learning, case study, classroom, works, teacher works, classroom research. Seminar of teacher professional internship.

001 499 Cooperative education course for International business and Logistics students whose ID prefix is A15. This course is offered beginning from August 10, 2018 and onward.

001 499 Cooperative Education (Practicum) course; 9 credits(0-0-27) 

Bachelor of Business Administration and Bachelor of Arts programs; major required course for the following groups of students:

A14TH (Tourism & Hotel), and A14IB (International Business), A14LG (Logistics), and A14BE(Business English) students; offering Term 2/2016, Advisers/instructors: Dr Divya Shukla, Emma Ganuelas, Dr Chaipat, Assistant Professor Dr Yongyut