To study principle and the environment of modern business administration; planning and strategic alignment; to manage for organizational structure in order to handle alternations; principle and equipment in various business management such as, Marketing duties, Financial, Human Resources Management, Business Ethics and responsibilities towards society including modification technology roles and systems.

Dr. Rubaba Nawrin

      This course describes the performance outcomes, skills, knowledge and information technology required to take prudent business decisions based on economic rationale. It will also emphasize on various forecasting techniques and models to predict future business scenario with different time horizon. It is not specific to any particular type of business and deals with numerous exogenous and endogenous factors which affect business. The course emphasizes on to integrate managerial economic decision with business ethics.

My name is Sourabh Singha Roy and I am your teacher for this course.
I look forward to working with you all.

214 215 Finance and International Banking 3(3-0-6) credits(hours); B.B.A.(International Business) program > major course for IB A14 and IB A15 students (combined class); Term 1 of 2016; Ajarn Md.Abdus