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Sign up to Moodle
by Dr. Chaipat Wattanasan - Wednesday, 22 June 2016, 12:47 PM

Dear students and faculty,

Please follow the instruction below to sign up with our new Moodle and enrol yourself in one of the courses.

1. Use your username (ID) and password for internet access to sign in the Moodle and update your user profile. 

(The system requires your valid email address, first name, surname, and in the Optional part, your ID number (A13xxxxxx) and department: Airline business, Tourism & Hotel, International business, or Public Health. 
Make sure you type a correct email address, or else your account may not be created.)
    Click 'update profile' button when you have entered the above data.

2. Go to your email Inbox and look for a new email from Moodle or moodlehelp@stic (it might be in an inbox or spam folder). 
    Click on the given link to validate your email ID. 
    (The Moodle will use this email address to send you password recovery link if you forget your password.)

3. Go to 'Site home' menu and find the course you want to enrol from the course categories. For example, business course may be in category 'Business Administration / Airline business' (or Tourism & Hotel or Inter business'). For public health students, it may be in 'Public Health / Public Health core' category.
Click on the course name to find a box asking for self enrolment key. Enter the self enrolment key that the instructor gives to your section/group, and then hit enter. You should then be enrolled in the course, and ready to submit assignments or report.

Please contact khun Prasong, a Moodle admin at for more assistance you may need.

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